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Terms & Conditions

1. All data provided must be correct Name - City - Contact number in order for us to serve you correctly and quickly

2. If you want to transfer by bank, it must be within 24 hours maximum after sending the request and informing the orders department of the transfer on the mobile 0536667635

3.We will be aware of all the data sent by the customer and we can change if necessary

4.Goods that are not available and purchased will be refunded after communicating with the customer and providing for all information

5.The conditions of use may be added and modified without notice

6.You can view your order history by going to the My Account page and clicking on Order History, and we will update your order

7. If your order has a value of 150 after that the VAT is added, you can choose internal shipping company and pay the shipment value upon receiving the order and transfer the value of the order only

8.Shipping with Aramex or SMSA is adjustable according to the weight of the order and we will notify you if necessary

9.The customer has no right to object to the invoice after a maximum period of one week from the date of shipment

10. The customer is not entitled to request any compensation upon the arrival of a broken or damaged product resulting from shipping companies.

11. The customer has the right to inform us of the existence of a product with a manufacturing defect from the manufacturer within a maximum period of 14 days from the date of issuing the invoice and shipping

12. For emergency cases, contact 

Mobile : 0505534541 

Phone 0126500027

13. After sending the shipment document to the customer, the follow-up is done by the customer and not us, and the customer does not have the right to object to the arrival date because the shipping company is not under our management

14. For our customers in Jeddah after send the location by the customer and not been answered, the request will return to the workplace, and the customer has the right to visit us or send someone to take the order and if he wants to deliver again, an amount of 30 riyals is paid

15.Bank information on the following link


 16. Equipment and devices, including heat presses. Warranty: One year free of maintenance only, not including the value of replacement parts due to the depreciation of the presses at work

About CAMEO from silhouette, the warranty is one year, and spare parts are not available for the CAMEO because the company does not provide any parts, and the CAMEO are replaced after checking everything

Sawgrass printers have a one-year warranty, and they do not have a warranty period of 3-7 days

Epson sublimation printers are not covered under warranty

The warranty does not cover misuse, latched devices, or any breakage, whatever the cause

17.  The customer must read the terms of return and exchange and the terms of use carefully before agreeing to the request and when the request is approved and sent, this means his agreement to the site’s full policy