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  • Silver Decal Papers - Laser Printers

Decal Metallic paper is a new and unique revolution that start from printing black by laser printer and ends with printing in gold or silver metallic

Simple equipment to create a world of beauty, Now you can print on all hard surfaces in gold or silver metallic like cups - glass of perfume - covers - aluminum - copper and many other materials

All you have to do is experience everything that is exposure it to heat, such as an oven or heat gun

Metallic Decal papers is a new revolution that we are launching now

only for laser printers


  • You can't used this products without W1 Glue
  • this prodcust used with laminator
  • The price include three kinds Print paper- coating film and Foil

Silver Decal Papers - Laser Printers

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  • S.R 150

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