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This type of metal vinyl is equal squares and is cut side by side

We find it a beautiful step and a new and wonderful idea where we can use it with all kinds of sublimation printers on cotton t-shirts or dark polyester

What is the idea of ​​this vinyl?

ِAs in above picture we offer it a size of 100* 25 cm and steps as follows

1- Cut the vinyl according to the required image size

2- Press the vinyl on the t-shirt at 180 degrees 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 seconds.

3 - Apply the sublimation paper to the vinyl and press again at 180-190 degrees approximately 380-390 degrees Fahrenheit for 50 seconds

The final result is a beautiful and metal picture spread out in equal vinyl squares

Materials required to work

- Sublimation Printer + Sublimation Paper (our experience was Global Paper)

- Cutter - optional if you want to cut in a complex way

- Heat press

Sublimation squares vinyl size 100X50 cm

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